Powerful Business you can start without investment in 2023

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Target those students who belongs to rich society and need private tutor or you can target rich parents because they want good private tutor for their child.Those who lives in rich societies of a city they can pay good tution fees on hourly basis because they want private tuition at their home so that they can save their child’s time.

Similarly,You can target children of Big Business man, Government Officers, Doctors, Engineers because they have good pay scale and multiple sources of income.Their childrens most of the time belongs to internationals or big schools and they prefer private tutions at their own place .And,they are ready to pay good amount of tuitions fees if the tutor is well qualified.So, By providing private tution on hourly basis you ca generate a good business.

Now a days people are paying 1000 rupess per hour for teaching class 12th single subject(Physics,Chemistry,Maths) at their home.

for example -If you have a good command on mathematics of class 12th and if you can provide home tuitions to five students at their home where you can charge (500-1000) rupees on hourly basis .So lets calculate your monthy income by doing home tuition business.

1 student per hour charge for maths=1000 daily income

5 student per hour charge for maths=5*1000 daily income

=5000 daily income

if You teach 30 days in a month for 5 hours each day=one day income*30


=1,50,000 monthly income

Oh My GOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!One Lakh Fifty Thousand .Your monthly income.

Does it sound good?or awsom

I guess it is more than sufficient in even capital cities of india.

So, Yearly You can earn 18,00,000 Eighteen lakh rupees.

If you have a good teaching skills you can start home tuitions business as soon as without even any investment.


You just need to market your skills by distributing pamphlets or banners.Print 100 pamphlets and distribute in any rich society.Those who are looking for home tutors they will start to contact you.or if you have good technical hands then you can create your own website or facebook page, facebook group or whatsapp group as well.You can contact to Schools as well where you can ask for students and provide extra classes or shares commissions as well.

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