frida sofia guzmán muñoz

Frida Sofia Guzman Munoz, allegedly joined a boat hunt for the Loch Ness monster during her February vacation in Scotland.

Who Is Frida Sofía? Drug Lord’s Granddaughter Dubbed As 'Mexican Adele'

The granddaughter of notorious former Sinaloa Cartel leader El Chapo, Frida Sofía Guzmán Muñoz, has garnered attention on social media, earning her the nickname "Mexican Adele" for her impressive singing talent.

On Instagram, 18-year-old Frida shared a clip with her 111,000 followers showcasing her vocal abilities. In the video,

she performed her own rendition of a song by Spain's 1973 Eurovision contestants, Mocedades, captivating her audience with her emotive delivery.

Accompanying the post, Frida captioned, "A little cover-up. Take me or leave mee," she said, inviting her followers to appreciate her musical expression.

Receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from her fans, many lauded Frida's voice as angelic and even drew comparisons to global pop sensation Adele.

One user went as far as dubbing her "#MexicanAdele," alongside a love-heart emoji, while another admitted a change of heart, expressing how Frida's singing had grown on them over time.